Friday, 23 August 2013

Doll Customising: Monster High Dolls - Prepping and Rerooting

I've been fascinated by custom dolls far longer than I've been in love involved with the Monster High franchise.
I began collecting BJDs (Ball Jointed Dolls) back in 2009 and love how some come as a blank canvas for you to create your own characters. 
I have given multiple dolls face-ups, sewn clothes for them, bought shoes, eyes and wigs and despite my affection for these wonderful resin dolls, they're so expensive!

I currently only own 1 BJD after shrinking my collection. She's a Bobobie Isabella, 27cm/MSD sculpt and the first BJD I ever bought! Bobobie is a great company, with prices much much lower than others but the quality is still superb. I would attempt more complicated modifications but given their £100 minimum price tag, I don't have the confidence to attempt it! (Bobobie's dolls range from a tiny 10cm at $80, to a huge 70cm at $220)

[ETA: 30/01/2014: Since writing up this post I have added 2 more BJDs to my collection, a Doll Planet Riz and a Doll Chateau Ada!]

However, Monster High dolls caught my eye and their personality won me over. Their much cheaper price tag (of £13 - £25) was enticing from a customisation and collectors point-of-view so I took the plunge and bought my first MH doll (then I carried on collecting and can't stop!) 

I've customised a few dolls and this is the process I follow to prep them.

You'll need a few supplies:
  • cotton-buds (q-tips) 
  • and/or make-up remover cotton pads. 
  • Substance to remove factory paint (acetone, nail varnish remover, etc)
  • Reroot tool (or needles/hot glue dependant on the method you're using)
  • Hanks of hair
  • Paint for the scalp to match the hair
  • Paint brushes in various sizes
  • Tweezers or thin and long needle nose pliers
  • Superglue/nail glue (just in case)
  • Nude doll (Here is a Ghouls Rule Draculaura!)

Let's start!

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Doll Review: Ever After High - Apple White

Ever After High (EAH) is a franchise which branches from Mattel's hugely popular Monster High line.
Before any official reveals were made Mattel registered several interesting sounding trademarks alongside Ever After High such as High Seas High, Robo High and Cosmic High, all keeping in line with the 'high school' theme they've become famous for. These potential lines were to stop competition (such as MGA and smaller companies) jumping on the fairy tale theme and distract them long enough for them to make their big reveal. I think the rest of the distraction-trademarks have been dropped now, but it would have been very interesting to see Mattel's take on pirates and mermaids and aliens and robots!

EAH follows the sons and daughters of famous fairy tale characters as they go through high school, learning how to follow in their parents footsteps to become the next 'insert-character-here' to keep their story lines going. The characters are grouped into 'Royals', who wish to follow their destiny, and 'Rebels' who dislike their given path and don't want their fate.
It is said that if you don't pledge to follow your story on 'Legacy Day' then not only the character, but everyone else involved in their story will cease to exist! 

Briar Beauty, Apple White, Raven Queen and Madeline Hatter.

Mattel introduced Ever After High through one of Monster High's existing characters, C.A. Cupid, who is said to be a bone elemental who was adopted by Eros. She is sent to Ever After High with a new project; to help the students.