Sunday, 2 February 2014

Doll Review: Monster High - I Heart Fashion Clawdeen Wolf - Bonus: Moxie Teen and Bratzillaz Fashion Packs! (Part 2/2)

This is the second half of my Monster High Doll review, from the I <3 Fashion line with Clawdeen Wolf and Scarah Screams. Check out part one here

And to the other main event doll, Clawdeen Wolf!

Doll Review: Monster High - I Heart Fashion Scarah Screams (Part 1)

Oh the wonders of shopping and hunting for dolls! During a shopping trip out of town I made persuaded my partner to take the long lovely walk out of the town centre to Toys R Us with the intention of searching for the latest Monster High releases: I <3 Fashion Clawdeen Wolf and Scarah Screams. 

After stalking the UK Sightings post on (where I am one of the site administrators shameless-self-plug-lol) sightings of the I <3 Fashion dolls were found in the area, so I was very excited. And after being disappointed by not finding any on shelves, I asked a member of staff to check the back stock and BINGO! 

I also found a Moxie Teen fashion pack for £2 (which scanned through at £1, yess~) and a small Bratzillaz fashion pack for around £4 which I'll also be looking at in the second half of this review.

Friday, 31 January 2014

Doll Review: Pinkie Cooper and The Jet Set Pets - Ginger Jones

'Pinkie Cooper and The Jet Set Pets', manufactured by The Bridge Direct, is a brand new fashion doll line from the creator of the original Bratz doll, Carter Bryant. The adorable stylised canine dolls are modelled after the English toy spaniel breed and said to be based upon the Bryant's sister's real Cocker Spaniel pet, Pinkie-Cooper, which the doll line is also named after.