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Doll Review: Monster High - I Heart Fashion Clawdeen Wolf - Bonus: Moxie Teen and Bratzillaz Fashion Packs! (Part 2/2)

This is the second half of my Monster High Doll review, from the I <3 Fashion line with Clawdeen Wolf and Scarah Screams. Check out part one here

And to the other main event doll, Clawdeen Wolf!

Here's a small recap from part 1 before we continue onto the review in further detail: 

The box layout is the same as the previous I <3 Fashion line with Abbey and Frankie, but with Clawdeen and Scarah themed patterns and colours on their respective boxes instead.
It has the same half coffin plastic window on the front which wraps around to the side, and a small portion of the back of the box.

The back of the box shows some updated art work with their outfits. There's the usual Monster High School coat of arms, the name tag and a logo for the individual line. There's a short blub 'written' on lined notebook paper stating how much Clawdeen loves fashion.

Each doll has 2 pairs of shoes displayed upon a card 'table' display. A separate outfit hangs on a mirror above the shoes, and another outfit on a card mannequin stand.

Clawdeen's background features a purple and black zebra print wall, with a lilac cheetah print on top. A paw and cross-bone picture hangs from the wall. The mirror has several claw marks and scratches. A perfect room for many of the Wolf siblings!

And here's everything out of the box.

Clawdeen's facial screening is neat with crisp edges and bold colours. Her eyes are the usual orange and yellow with big black pupils. Her eye makeup has a dark purple strip above her eye, with a light metallic purple up her eyebrow. Here eyelashes and long and bold, with heavy black eyeliner. Under her eye is a pale lilac. 
Her lips are a dark purple to match the eyes with her usual white fangs.

Her vest is lime green soft cotton, with a peach thread overlocked at the collar and hem. It features black claw-slash print across the front. 
The cropped and sleeveless jacket is made of a shiny faux leather, with gold trim for a 'zip' and a purple cotton trim on the collar and hem.

Her hand sculpts are cool; one 'clawing' hand and another splayed out hand with a moulded fingerless glove. This is painted purple and features tiny moulded studs. 

She has 2 gold and 2 opaque lime green bangles, and 4 black bangles with small rounded studs. She has a larger ring clawed and studded which fits on multiple fingers. 

Her cuff is 4 moulded plastic belts with lots of tiny details like stitching, studs and belt buckles. They are all joined by a strip of plastic on the back. 
She has a lime green arm cuff with a zip and zipper sculpting. 

Clawdeen's cuffed capri pants are made of a stiff but light fabric, with a plum to eggplant gradient (hohoho, yes, I'm still being a colour snob). There's nice stitching detail for faux pockets and a zipper front. 

Her belt is black plastic with a rounded edge and 6 moulded rings on which are painted gold. The belt closes with a peg at the back. This is a reused mould from Clawdeen's Dawn of The Dance belt.

In one ear she has two transparent green hooped earrings, with the lower being longer and ovoid.

The other earrings are the same shape and style, only in transparent purple.

She comes with a nice pile of extra accessories. I love that these dolls have a good amount to justify their £25 price tag.

Her 'B' outfit consists of a pair of cuffed purple shorts covered in gold flecked paint.

Her purple shirt has loose 3/4 sleeves and green cuffs with black stripes on, the same fabric as her other vest. The neck is large and loose, almost fitted on the shoulders. The shirt features a large wolf face with bright green eyes. This piece could easily look gaudy or drab but the subtle purple, white and magenta colour scheme works really well.

The green arm cuff also fits as a choker. Clawdeen also comes with a white plastic necklace sculpted as 2 small chains. This is a reused mould of Spectra Vondergheist's first wave necklace.

Clawdeen's 'C' outfit is a purple satin minidress with a black ruffle trim and asymmetrical ribbon straps to look like belts and zippers. The print on the dress looks like opened zips to show off a black section with gold cheetah spots. 

Her lime green solid plastic bag is shaped like a boombox, with black painted details.

She comes with 3 pairs of shoes. These high heeled sneakers are a lovely orchid purple. The feature lots of detailed stitches, seams, laces and a small skull painted white.

These peep-toe wedged boots are awesome! They're bright metallic gold and very bold, with lots of details. I feel they'd stand out even more if the laces were painted too, like the buckle and the soles. The boots are made of a slightly stiffer plastic and despite the long slit in the back to get the foot in and out, it's still quite difficult to get them on and off.

Her final pair of shoes are some killer heels. They have a curved heel with solid triangular studs running down the back like a spine, and the same studs scattered across the toe cap. The sole of the shoe has deep clawed gauges.

The edge of the shoe has moulded detail which appears to be faux fur. If it was painted for better contrast than I think I'd be able to appreciate the detail more. 

These dolls also come with the generic black brushes and stands, which is an added bonus considering that Mattel are cutting back on things where they can. (Such as the removal of stands in the budget £12-13 dolls after Roller Maze)

There are 2 kinds of Bratzillaz Fashion Packs; a smaller one with a cape, bag, pair of shoes and a hat, and a larger pack that includes a 2 to 3 piece outfit as well. 
I picked up one of the smaller packs priced at £3.99. That's cheap compared to their usual price of £6-8! And the larger packs are generally priced at £10-12, which is ridiculous!

The front of the packaging features a pink border with a feathered hat, a boot with chains and bows and pearls. 

The back of the packaging suffers the same overly busy and confusing layout as the actual dolls. It's just messy and not nice to look at.

After cutting off the plastic top I started removing the pieces. Tiny plastic ties; the bane of my doll collecting life..

The background is a pretty fantasy style outside scene with a door, a little.. rabbit deer thing, and a twisted brown tree. There's (half) a cut out mannequin of the grey doll art to display the cape and hat. 

The poofed cape is made of shiny purple fabric, with a ruffled hem and lace trim. The cape ties with a small piece of velcro and is covered by a small black ribbon bow.

The white tag is placed horribly. It's in the way and frankly ruins the whole look of the cape. It makes the cape look cheap and nasty, so I cut it out and stitched the hole closed. 

The shoes are simple heeled boots with stitching detail and laces.

This Moxie Teen fashion pack was really cheap considering how many accessories are included. It was tagged at about £3 on the shelf but scanned through at £1 for some reason. I'm not really into Moxie Teens so don't follow the lines, so perhaps this is an older pack that they were trying to get rid of? 

Moxie Teens are larger than Monster High dolls but the shoes and glasses looked like a reasonable fit and even before the price reduction I thought they were cheap enough to give them a chance! 

Sweet and simple advertising, showing what comes in the box, how it looks on the doll and a short mantra of the doll line. It's an inspirational message about girl empowerment and self belief!

Once I removed all the items I could get a good view of the background. It's a piece of shiny metallic pink card with an ornate green card border for a mirror or a painting. 

The necklace and belt are displayed on a green mannequin. The bracelets and earrings are displayed on butterflies and a green flowery shaped piece of card. The shoes and bag are simply attached to clear plastic.

The belt is made of shiny black pleather with a matching centre bow. It features a broach of silver beads and closes at the back with a velcro strap. Unfortunately the belt is way too big to fit MH dolls. 

The necklace is a solid piece of plastic sculpted to look like multiple chains and charms. It is slightly flexible so the clasp can be opened around the neck and closed again. It's bent at an angle so it fits on the doll's chest which means it doesn't sit flat on the different sculpt of the MH bust.

The earrings are pretty neat and realistic: they are small plastic posts to fit into the ear hole with a small hook. The included charms have a hoop to fit onto the hook so they dangle like real earrings. The scale is a little big for Monster High dolls, and the charms tend to fall off a lot.

The bracelets look like large bangles and cuffs on MH dolls' skinny wrists. They're black and silver stud cuffs, and a single thing silver stud bracelet. 

The shoes are black T-strap heels with silver studs running up the front panel and silver painted buckles. They fit Monster High girls reasonably well, though a little large. 

This line is really great in all aspects; quality, quantity, price, play value, collector value, durability, aesthetically and the versatile theme
The characters are fun, they come with lots of options due to their clothes and accessories, the designs are fabulous and there's something for everybody throughout.

I highly recommend these dolls and if you liked these then you should go check out other Monster High releases and similar doll lines!

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