Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Nuu Has Arrived!

Uh.. Hello.

I'm not too sure what I'm doing here to be honest.

My plan at first was to simply show off the genius drawings that have been cascading from my very fingertips (Well, pen. But ya’no..) and of course I will become the most amusing and popular person on the internet over night!

This will turn into an inevitable saga of hilarity and piles of money for me.

My first thought when toiling over the idea of a picture blog was that I could have posted them on an art website, but that’s what a lot of people do. And then again, I didn’t want have a blog with walls and walls of text because that’s boring and has been done a million times over.
So a combination of both will do spendidly! (Not walls and walls of text, because I don't have that many storyies to tell)

Guess I can just try my best, and see how it goes.
So, here I am.

I AM NUU. Or Athena. Or Pickle.

I have purple hair and piercings and I like the colour blue, and I find myself far more amusing then I probably am. In fact I find myself so funny I made this blog :3

P.S. A cusp is a point made by two touching circles. 

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